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Welcome to Hyde Sails Croatia.

Hyde Sails was established more than 40 years ago by Edward Hyde and Keith Musto. The company originally specialised in performance dinghy sails with great success. We then went onto becoming the world leader in volume production of strict one-design sails for boat builders. Since then we have diversified into building yacht and keelboat sails , from basic specification cruising sails to round the world yacht sails and membrane racing yacht sails.We have also developed a number of non-sail products ranging from boat covers to marquees and garden shades.

Our driving ethos is to produce the sails you want , the way you want. Our belief is that we produce the best sails in the world at the best prices. Our factory is based in the far east to enable us to add value to our products through low labour costs, but is wholly owned by us which means we are able to control the conditions our skilled staff operate in and reward loyalty and skill with better than average pay and conditions

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Hyde Sails Ltd

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